Parking on the school lots - Mazique Child  Development Center and most especially the Garrison Elementary School - whether on Sunday or during the week is “parking at your own risk.”  While we have an informal agreement with the schools, please understand that this is not church property and Unity of Washington, DC is not responsible for tickets, damage, towing, and/or theft to your vehicle or its contents.



Sunday Parking Guidelines

Acronyms:  HC = Handicap | ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act


Lot 1 – To the left when entering the parking area

Lot 2 – In front of Mazique Center

Lot 3 – (Save – 1st 3 spaces – HC Spaces) Inside the gate (near the field)

Lot 4 – (Save 6 spaces for Hospitality/Musicians) Directly behind Unity (the alley)

Lot 5 – (Save – HC Spaces) – On the back side of the Mazique Center (facing their


Lot 6 – Down the alley, against the fence (parallel parking only)


Parking Dos

§ Arrive before 10:15 a.m. (better chance at getting a space)

§ Park between the lines

§ Follow the parking diagram

§ Save Lot #5 for HC/ADA Parking

§ Save 3 spaces on Lot #3 for HC/ADA Parking

   (1st 3 spaces to the right as you enter)

§ Save 6 spaces on Lot #4 for the hospitality & musician Love In 

   Action teams

§ Respect the neighborhood (it’s a reflection on Unity)


Parking Don'ts

§ Block other cars in 

§ Park in front of the planters 

§ Start using Lot #6 until Lot #3 is filled 

§ Park or drive on the grass 

§ Park or drive on the blue tarmac on the playground (children play on



·      - Don’t Block the alley – Must be kept clear for emergency/rescue


- Don’t Block Emergency Exit Doors (back of Mazique or

  the grass behind their building – Lot #4 area)

§ Disrespect the neighborhood (it’s a reflection on Unity) 




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